• by Torema Thompson.

Shepherds, Prophets, Apostles & Parents

Jesus is taking His rightful place in His church.

Those who are not His will be exposed in this hour.

There is a division taking place.

An anointing to discern is being poured out.

False shepherds are being exposed.

The Father is raising up true shepherds with His heart who will follow after the true Shepherd of our souls.

The Lord is calling those with eyes to see to wake up.

He is calling His prophets to wake up.

If He calls you to point out sin, then you must.

If He calls you to speak then you must.

He is calling forth His true apostles.

They will be able to carry the weight.

He is raising up teams.

There will be no division or jealousy, but UNITY IN THE BOND OF PEACE.

Those false apostles who have built up altars to themselves will be exposed in this hour.

He is raising up those who build up altars to Him alone and offer themselves a living sacrifice.

The Lord is raising up a generation who will know Him and who will speak boldly, and so He must raise up parents to raise them. YOU (parents) must trust Him with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. If you fear, they will fear. The Lord has given you a spirit of love, power and a sound mind. Impart that to your children. For the little children shall lead them.

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