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Pura*T International is a working name of Pura*T Foundation, a registered trust. Charity No. 1152995 

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The Ministry

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“For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.”

Romans 8:14 KJV


To raise fivefold ministers to sonship and to bring relief to the nations. 


We envision a church that is set apart for Christ in speech, conduct, love, faith and purity. We are passionate about seeing the Body of Christ live as a holy nation, a royal priesthood. The vision God has given us for His Body is where each member is in their assigned place, walking in love, unity and obedience, fulfilling their purpose and bringing glory to our Father in heaven. 

In order for this to happen, the Body of Christ must be equipped by the fivefold ministry. If we (the fivefold) are to teach the Body to be sons of God, we must first become sons of God ourselves as we can only reproduce after our kind.


In February 2013, we took a team of 6 (2 men & 4 women) to the south Indian state, Andhra Pradesh. This was our ministry's first mission trip and through it, the Lord gave greater insight into the anointing on each of our lives and revealed that the direction He had for this ministry was different to what Torema (our founder) had previously perceived. It was then in January 2015, that the Lord told Torema to place the current vision she had on the altar. In order to receive HIS vision for the ministry, she needed to let the current vision DIE. What was of Him would remain but everything else would be burned away. 

In April 2015, the Lord began to reveal to Torema His pattern for raising up fivefold ministers to Sonship; line by line, precept by precept. The ministry was then re-established in 2016 (but still named Pura*T Foundation) with the commission to teach these truths to God’s leaders worldwide. This began with the first edition of the Process of Sonship book and the Word of Truth teaching programme on YouTube.
Nevertheless, despite the new vision for the ministry, Torema still had to continue to endure her own process and the Lord had her continue to scribe The Process of Sonship (second edition) as He patiently persisted in refining her character and bringing further depth and understanding of the process and of the fivefold ministry. Knowing the Lord had called her to teach fivefold ministers across the globe, the Lord continued to humble Torema in her locality, serving (and learning from) other fivefold ministers in her small weekly fellowship group, whilst simultaneously training her to communicate the message more effectively. 

In December 2017, the ministry name was changed to Pura*T International to agree with the cross-cultural mandate given by the Lord; and in April 2019, the Lord resurrected the missions arm of the ministry.   

Pura*T International is one of the working names of the Pura*T Foundation, which was founded by Torema in 2009 and has been a registered UK charity since 22nd July 2013. The other working name of the charity is Believers on Track, where our mission is to make disciples of a Track & Field nation.